This Fall golf program is designed for golf enthusiasts from ages 12-19. They are a small group size.

    • Starts in August and runs Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 4-6 PM  
    • Minimum of 15 -  2 hour Practice Sessions
    • Private Individual Sessions
    • Game assessment
    • This program is 1 on 1 in a group setting. 

We assign individual drills for each student to work on their full swing, short game and putting.
Key concepts of the game that would  include:

    • Escape shots: fades, draws, ball position, body alignment, club face angle.
    • Trouble shots: punch shots, low shots, high shots, ball position, club selection.
    • Bunkers
    • Managing game, swing, scoring, strategy
    • Confidence building
    • Practice skills and competitive practice
    • Skill transfer to the course
    • On-course strategy lesson

Cost: $275 

Please call us at 320-219-7677 for more information